Why Offer or Take UExcel Exams or CourXams?

Schools, Companies & Students All Benefit

If you have been dreaming of completing a college degree, but can't swing the time or the expense, UExcel Exams or CourXams (new!) may be for you. 

Benefits for You Include:

  • Significantly reduce the overall cost of college - each exam or CourXam is equivalent to a 3-credit college course (some exams are worth up to 6 credits!)
  • Begin or complete your degree at your own pace - study and prepare on your own time, and register for the exam whenever you're ready
  • Demonstrate self-motivation, resourcefulness and drive to prospective or existing employers - qualities they seek - they might even offer tuition reimbursement!
  • Our CourXams include digital courseware that can help you learn the material on your own before you take the college credit exam!

If you are a college or an employer, there are many powerful reasons to offer UExcel Exams or CourXams to your students or employees.  First, there is nothing better than offering people flexible pathways to complete their degree and fulfill their lifelong dreams.   Then again, their success reflects on your organization as well; after all, successful examinees have demonstrated initiative, discipline, and self-motivation -- skills much in demand in both academic and corporate environments.    And although those reasons are sufficient in and of themselves, there are many more reasons offering UExcel Examinations at your school or workplace makes good business sense:

Benefits for Educational Institutions:

  • Offering credit for prior learning yields higher loyalty, satisfaction, retention and completion rates - and hence higher native course registrations & revenues at your institution!
  • Offering UExcel Exams enhances the breadth of your general education offerings, appealing to and retaining more students.
  • Offering UExcel Exams may relieve bottlenecks in prerequisite courses, enhancing persistence and reducing time to completion.
  • You can set up your own branded registration site, limiting the exams you wish to offer and maintaining your own school identity, ensuring a seamless student experience!
  • Offering lower level UExcel Exams to high school students gives them an opportunity to earn dual credit.
  • Recommending UExcel Exams to borderline admits improves first time, full-time statistics and helps them demonstrate college readiness.

Benefits for Corporations:

  • Enhancing the educational attainment of your workforce enhances employee loyalty and develops your future leadership!
  • Offering UExcel Exams is an affordable way to offer 100% tuition reimbursement benefits towards a complete degree in business or liberal arts.
  • UExcel Exams are flexibly scheduled, requiring no residency or time away from work.
  • UExcel Exams may be used to assess desired competencies of your workforce.
  • UExcel CourXams are offered in Criminal Justice, and are being developed for MBA-level credit.   Imagine offering your management team professional development opportunities in accounting, leadership, international business, operations, or marketing, without having to enroll them in an MBA program!


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