Trade and Professional Organizations

Credentialing adds value to your membership!

The Center for Educational Measurement can help your association, large or small, develop a one-time certificate program, a renewable license, or a certification program.  If you are planning to develop an assessment program in the future, we can assist with strategic planning, job task analysis, and development. We develop assessment-based certificates or other credentials, and can work with you to improve the assessment programs that you already have.  Your program can earn National Commission for Credentialing Associations (NCCA) approval as well as raise the validity, quality and brand identity of your credential. 

CEM is a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, following the best practices in assessment as developed by the NCCA.

As part of a regionally accredited college, we can also provide what no other assessment company can  --  we can evaluate your existing training and credentialing programs for college credit through our Center for the Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training, and Learning (CAPITAL) , and help develop online and on-demand professional development courses and training through the Center for Professional Development (CPD).

Among the services we can provide your association:

  • Credentialing Examinations:  certificate programs, licensing, certifications and qualifying exams
  • Consulting Support for Your Assessment Program:  auditing, job analysis, item development, review and banking, psychometric analysis, review for bias, technical editing, standard-setting and more
  • Review of your existing training program(s) for academic credit at Excelsior College (through CAPITAL)
Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Competency-Based Education Network
National College Testing Association
Open Education Resource Foundation
National Council on Measurement in Education