Do You Want To Help Develop An Assessment?

Who makes a good SME? That depends on the assessment being developed.

We are always in search of professional educators and practitioners willing to help develop assessments in their field.    CEM uses subject-matter experts in job task analysis (JTA), test development and blueprinting, item writing, item review, and standard-setting.   Item writing requires the smallest time commitment, with batch requests beginning at just  20 items per assignment.  Committee work, including JTAs, blueprint meetings and standard-settings, may be held virtually/remotely, or at our offices in Albany, NY (travel reimbursement provided), and generally require 2-5 days of service.  Not all exams are under development at all times, so please let us know if you might be interested in serving on a future project.    

For academic exams, we seek professionals currently teaching at an accredited institution, in the field, at the level of the intended examination. Usually, this requires a preparation level at least one step higher than the level being taught. For MBA exams, for example, we would need PhD or other doctorate-level SME candidates, currently teaching at a graduate business program.  For elementary, high school or undergraduate assessments, we seek current instructors in the field with a minimum of a Masters level preparation.  

For credentialing exams, we seek current practitioners in the field, both new and veteran experience levels, who know the technology in use, the regulatory situation and rules (if applicable), processes and procedures, best practices, and more.

If you are a subject-matter expert who would like to serve on an academic or credentialing assessment development project, please fill out the fields requested below and hit "submit".  We thank you for your interest!   If you are interested in learning how to develop assessments or hone your skills in item-writing, we offer a professional development course through the Center for Professional Development entitled Test Development Training.



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