Help Your Home-Schooled Students Demonstrate College Readiness!

Earn college credit and gain computer-based testing experience

Home-schooled students have many advantages over their counterparts in traditional high schools - such as delving deeper into areas of academic interest, developing great discipline and self-study habits, and learning to manage their time well.   Now they can put those great skills  to work earning dual credit in high school and at college!  Excelsior College, a nonprofit institution of higher education continuously accredited for over 40 years by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, offers both lower and upper level* UExcel examinations in over 70 subject areas in six major concentrations including arts and sciences, business, education, health sciences, nursing and technology.  

Using the recommended textbooks for self-study and the downloadable content guides for information on exam content and weighting, students can work on their own or in groups to learn the educational content and prepare for the college credit examination delivered by computer at a local testing center.   Each 3-credit exam's content is equivalent to what would be taught in a 15-week college course; but with UExcel exams, it is up to the student to schedule study time and determine when they are ready.   Excelsior even offers practice examinations, purchased separately or together with the operating college credit exam in a value bundle, that can help the student see how well they have mastered the learning objectives prior to scheduling the credit-bearing exam.  To learn more about our UExcel exams, click here.  To view our list of examinations, download a content guide for one of them, or register for an exam, click here.


*Lower level exams are equivalent to a 100 or 200 level undergraduate course; upper level exams are equivalent to a 300 or 400 level undergraduate course.


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