Steps to create your own UExcel Teaching Plan

How it works-
1. Develop full year instruction plan for the exam- teacher should:
a. Use the free exam content guide to access the detailed outline of what is covered in the exam
b. Procure the recommended textbook
c. Review the Open Education Resources indicated in the content guide
d. Using the content outline, the textbook and the OERs resources, teachers can develop a comprehensive instruction plan for their students to fully prepare for the exam
e. In February of the academic year, student register for the exam, and the practice exam (if chosen). Students sign a release form (link) to release the grades to the school, and a parent permission form (link)_ if under 18.
f. Teacher can use the results of the practice exam as an indicator of what learning still needs to be emphasized. (Practice exams have two forms, each can be taken once and can be used for review for up to 190 days from the time of purchase.)
g. When ready to take the final exam, student schedule a convenient time with a Pearson testing center, or with your school.
h. Students receive their grades upon exiting the test center. Teachers receives grades (??? Check with Barb)

Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Competency-Based Education Network
National College Testing Association
Open Education Resource Foundation
National Council on Measurement in Education