Expand Your High School's Dual Credit Opportunities!

Offer your students ways to earn college credit, saving thousands of dollars in college tuition!


 Offer College Credit at Your High School!

A leader in assessing student learning since its inception, Excelsior College is a private, nonprofit institution of higher learning regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Unlike other exam programs that may be used for advancement or for credit, depending on the college, the department, and the exam, UExcel examinations are awarded credit at Excelsior College.  And because we are regionally accredited, our transcripts can be transferred to thousands of other colleges.

How Your District Benefits from Offering UExcel Exams:

  • You can provide opportunities for highly motivated students without wasting valuable teacher resources on less-than-full classes.  A single class section can include both Excelsior-track and non-Excelsior-track students!
  • You can provide highly motivated teachers the opportunity to teach the subjects they love to college-level objectives.  No special certification or expensive training is required.
  • You can demonstrate to your students and their parents that you care enough to provide them with every opportunity to earn dual credit while in high school.
  • You can offer college credit in many more subject areas than are currently available through other programs, including contemporary math, psychology, sociology and more!

How Your Students Benefit from Taking UExcel Exams:

  • They have the opportunity to demonstrate initiative and college preparedness, even if they are not in an advanced placement class.
  • They take the college-level examination (and optional practice exams) via computer - something they will need to do in college.
  • They may retake UExcel exams if their first attempt is unsuccessful - and many exams are currently offered with value bundle that includes the retake for free!
  • They have many more subjects to choose from than are currently offered through other programs
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