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Improve Student Success And Your Performance Metrics!

Credit for Prior Learning  Students awarded credit for prior learning have better retention & completion rates, and therefore have a higher native course registration rates than students not offered such credit.  CAEL's landmark study on prior learning, Fueling the Race for Post-Secondary Success (2010), showed that students offered credit for prior learning (CPL) spent more on resident courses! CPL-awarded students earned an average of 53.7 credits in institutional coursework vs. only 43.8 credits for non-CPL-awarded students. They also have higher completion rates: 43% earned a bachelor's degree vs. only 15% for students not awarded CPL.  And for those earning their CPL from exams, The College Board found that they have higher cumulative GPAs and are more likely to earn an A or B in a subsequent course than students who completed the introductory course instead of the exam.  If you don't have a PLA policy and would like to develop one, please click here, or contact us for more information by clicking here

UExcel Examinations  Offering Excelsior College's UExcel Exams can benefit your students and your bottom line.  Not only  will you be offering them educational topics you may not have, and the flexibility and low cost options they seek to persist and complete, but your institution benefits from such persistence.  You can also target the exams you wish to offer based on existing bottlenecks in your offerings - especially if you have limited sections of required courses that are hampering persistence.   And if you are concerned about the strength of your incoming class and their potential impact on your First Year Full Time statistics, or wish to manage your admit/yield/persist pool, you can utilize UExcel Exams creatively to have students demonstrate college readiness and have their first semester be through credit-by-exam.  Your institution can even set up exam registrations on your own pages to keep your student experience seamless, and can earn revenue share on high volume exam registrations.

 Assessment Development  If you need to develop challenge, competency-based, program capstone or other assessments, the Center for Educational Measurement can help.   We develop academic and workforce development assessments that work for your needs.

 Accreditation Review  Accreditors are paying increasing attention to how institutions measure learning outcomes.  By properly assessing student learning, you can validate your institution's assessments.  The Center for Educational Measurement can assist you in all phases of assessment of student learning, from creation of rubrics to the development of custom assessments.  

Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Competency-Based Education Network
National College Testing Association
Open Education Resource Foundation
National Council on Measurement in Education