Services to Two Year Institutions

Community colleges, nationally accredited schools, schools of nursing or business and others!

Do you need to increase the breadth of your academic offerings in general education or in specialty areas of interest to your students?  Do you struggle with persistence due to bottlenecks in required curriculum sections?  Is your curriculum well aligned with your workforce development needs?   Excelsior College works with hundreds of community colleges nationwide, and we can help you increase and improve offerings to benefit your students and prospective employers!

Among the services we can offer you:

  • Conducting a Job Task Analysis (JTA):  A JTA defines and qualifies the specific job(s) for which you are preparing your students, and identifies the exact knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed on the job.  It determines both the frequency and the criticality of each identified task, and often clusters and links groups of KSAs that go together, prioritizing them to provide appropriate weighting of the content areas for instruction and assessment.  A JTA should therefore be conducted to drive and inform the design of instructional materials and programs aimed at workforce readiness, and should be updated every five years.  The Subject Matter Experts used in JTAs are professionals in the specified field, and industries and employers are eager to supply this expertise towards the development of the curriculum and/or credentialing assessment, because they benefit from the improved job-readiness of their prospective employees.  At CEM, we provide the JTA and assessment expertise and manage the subject matter experts to coordinate the development of high quality job analyses.

  • Offering UExcel Examinations to Your Students: There are many reasons to offer UExcel exams to your students, including relieving bottlenecks to improve persistence, offering subject areas of interest to your students that you might not have available in course form, and even expanding upper level offerings.  Nationally accredited institutions can offer UExcel exams to improve credit transfer to regionally accredited institutions.  Your institution can even set up exam registrations on your own pages to keep your student experience seamless, and can earn revenue share on high volume exam registrations.

  • Offering Affordable Pathways to Bachelor Degrees  With the ability to transfer 90 credits from a community college to Excelsior College, and the availability of upper level exams, students can complete all but the bachelor capstone course in a very affordable manner.  

  • Increasing Assessment Capabilities:  Many colleges struggle to demonstrate effective assessment of student outcomes; indeed, weakness in this area is one of the leading causes of revocation of accreditation around the country.  Whether you seek to develop a competency-based or program ending capstone assessment, or need consultation in assessment best practices, we can assist you in improving your own assessment competencies.  Contact us for more info!


Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Competency-Based Education Network
National College Testing Association
Open Education Resource Foundation
National Council on Measurement in Education