Improve Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention!

Maximize tuition reimbursement and improve corporate training practices

Recruiting and keeping great employees is difficult in today's competitive environment. Are you doing everything you can to identify, recognize and reward your most important assets - your best employees? Employees want opportunities to grow, personally and professionally -- and in partnership with Excelsior College, you can provide those opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement  If you don't already offer tuition reimbursement benefits, you should start. By offering your employees tuition reimbursement for UExcel Exams, you invest in their learning and their future at a very low cost - most of our exams are worth 3 college credits and are just over $100 each - less than the cost of rewarding your employees with a nice dinner. If you already offer tuition reimbursement, you could significantly reduce your costs or expand your services by promoting UExcel exams to your employees. Additionally:

  • You gain a better educated workforce.
  • Your employees demonstrate initiative, persistence, self-reliance and time management skills - just the skills you seek to cultivate!
  • Credit-by-exam requires no residency at the college, no specific schedule of readings, assignments or class discussions. Your employees complete the self-study as their schedule allows, and schedule to take the credit-bearing exam whenever it is convenient for them -- and you.

Professional Development  Developing and assessing the skills needed in your company can be challenging for your Chief Learning Officer or Human Resource Manager.  Program completion certificates often document attendance rather than achievement, and decisions on placement, promotion or payment are hard to justify -- a demotivating factor when employees are seeking recognition and growth opportunities.  Why not work with The Center for Educational Measurement to develop a training program that meets your specific learning objectives, that is available on-demand and is scalable to meet your needs, and that has built-in quality assessments to measure the aptitude, competence or mastery you seek?  We can work alongside your training team or with our own instructional designers to provide you with meaningful assessment-based corporate certificate or credentialing programs.  A well designed training program :

  • motivates employees by offering real professional growth and opportunities to earn new credentials
  • fairly and reliably assesses their achievement of the indended outcomes
  • keeps employees growing in directions that are valuable to your company
  • provides you with immediate return on your training and reward investments

Additionally, the Center for the Assessment of Post Traditional Instruction, Training and Learning (CAPITAL) at Excelsior College can evaluate corporate training programs for academic credit.  Imagine getting a multiple return on your training investment that includes better trained employees, lower cost and improved access to your training, better assessment data on your programs, higher employee satisfaction due to professional development opportunities, and college credit awarded to encourage and develop your employees!

Assessment Consultation Does your organization already develop and conduct assessments?  Do you need help in evaluating results, setting performance level descriptors, refreshing items, administering the assessments, developing the test blueprint, conducting a job task analysis, or other?  Contact Us for all your assessement-related questions or concerns!




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