Interested in working with CEM?

We work collaboratively on any assessment needs

 If you are in the business of providing assessment services to students, association members or career movers, and need additional expertise or capacity, we are happy to help.

We have worked cooperatively with other assessment providers to write items, conduct psychometric analysis, develop rubrics, provide interrater reliability evaluation, train subject-matter experts or conduct job task analyses.  By working with us, your organization:

  • saves the time and expense of finding and training new hires
  • maintains the high quality results and confidentiality you expect
  • can take on more work without worrying about expansion and contraction risks

Our mission is to serve the under-served by aiding those not traditionally helped by higher education define and reach their educational and career goals.  As a private, nonprofit, regionally accredited institution of higher education, we love partnership opportunities!  Contact us today to let us help you grow your assessment capabilities!


Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Competency-Based Education Network
National College Testing Association
Open Education Resource Foundation
National Council on Measurement in Education